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Seymour, Missouri

Specializing in raising natural, healthy, farm fresh meat goats and laying hens.


Goat meat is increasing in demand all across the country.  And why not!?!
It's a lean, healthy and delicious red meat that enjoys popularity across many ethnic groups.

Our goats are raised in a natural environment where they eat and browse as they choose.  They are solid, healthy animals for meat or to add to your herd for breeding. We have mostly Boer does and have added in some Kiko blood for added parasite resistance and general thriftiness. Savanna bloodlines are also being added for increased meatiness and carcass weight.

Come buy your goat right off the farm and enjoy the fresh, natural, farm raised meat. We can also deliver your purchase to our processor for you to pick up in little frozen packages!




Our laying hens are healthy, free-range birds that lay pretty brown eggs with a deep yellow/orange yolk. We have a few breeds that lay white or colored eggs as well.
Often there are hens for sale of various ages. Prices are:
Up to 12 weeks - $8 (chicks)
12 weeks to 16 weeks - $10 (young pullets)
16 weeks to 20 weeks $12 (pullets)
20 weeks and up - $15 (layers)

Breeds include Black Australorp, Americauna (Easter Eggers), Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock and Black Sex Link. We are adding a limited amount of Brown Leghorn, Cucoo Maran, Buff Orpington and Silver Laced Wyandottes this spring. Let me know asap if you are interested in any chicks of these breeds.
Others may be available or we can custom raise birds for you, including meat birds.

More about chickens including resources!


Ducks & Turkeys

We hope to soon add ducks of both meat and egg laying types as well as turkeys. At this time breeds being considered are Black Cayuga, Rouen, Khaki Campbell and Runners of the ducks and Broad Breast White and Royal Palm of the turkeys. Please let me know if you are interested in the meat or eggs.



We had rabbits in the past for meat but sold them to focus on the goats and chickens. They will be rejoining the farm in the near future and will be available as live rabbits or as meat. These may be colored breeds for eating or pets as well as the white meat rabbits. Please let me know if you are interested in them.



To be added to our weekly delivery to the Seymour area please email me and I'll add you to my list of direct customers.
We are considering a weekly delivery to the Marshfield area as well, if you are interested please contact me.

These farm-fresh eggs are available for $3 per dozen. Colors vary depending on what hens are currently laying.
Most of the eggs will be a large to very large size and colors range from white to brown to green and blue. If you want ONLY brown please let me know.
We do not wash the eggs if possible. Washing removes the protective bloom of the egg and allows bacteria to more easily enter the egg. Nest boxes are kept clean to protect the eggs, they are clean when gathered and packaged. If you still want them washed let us know and we will be happy to accomodate you.



The Savanna Goat is a newer breed to the USA and is showing great potential in the meat market. They are hardy goats that do well in all conditions with minimal maintenance. My Savanna buck (registered 50%) is producing some nice kids. If you're interested in getting some of his offspring contact me to get on a waiting list and I'll let you know when his kids become available.


Blue - Registered Savanna buck



Our herd consists of a cross with Boer and Savanna bucks. Our does range from Spanish to Kiko to Boer to Savanna to Nubian and crosses of these. We strive to produce a large animal with good carcass weight and parasite resistance.


Some of our commercial meat goat does - breeds are Nubian, Kiko, Boer and Savanna.

Our commercial does, when available, can be had for for $350 each. These are excellent commercial does to add to or start your herd!
We occasionally have registered stock available, ask me to see what might be available.

Doelings and bucklings from these does are available and are by our Savanna buck.

Doelings start at $125, bucklings start at $75. When they are weaned at 2-3 months prices start going up. Most kids will be sold by 4-5 months so be sure to get on our waiting list!


Contact me today to reserve does or kids! Any goat can be held for you with a non-refundable deposit.




We have goats milk available in season and by subscription. Simply tell us how much you want each week and we'll keep you supplied as long as we have milk. Anyone not on a regular schedule will be last on the list for any remaining milk for the week. Milk is $4 per half-gallon in your container.
Regulations require all raw milk sales to be made from the farm only. Although raw milk is generally known to be very good for you please understand that by purchasing raw milk you agree to take any and all risk of it's consumption upon yourself and cannot hold the farm and/or owners responsible for any health issues.


Soap & Lotion

We have goats milk soaps and lotions available also! Most soaps are $5 per bar (plus shipping if needed) and come in all kinds of colors and scents. The lotions are amazing and work well for the cold, dry time of the year as well as helping soothe sunburn and bug bites! Please visit goatsmilksoapsandlotions.com to see what we have. Don't forget, they make wonderful gifts too! 


Cast Iron Gifts & More

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Cast iron cookware and more, all American made!




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